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Uprzejmie zapraszamy naszych klientów oraz kooperantów do odwiedzenia stoisk naszego przedsiębiorstwa na następujących targach: Targi POLAGRA-TECH w Poznaniu, w terminie: 21 – 24 września 2015, pawilon 4 parter, stoisko nr 34 oraz Targi SyMas w Krakowie, w terminie: 06 – 07 października 2015, stoisko nr B12

ADD: 2015-09-07
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25 lat w przemyśle cementowym

ADD: 2014-07-08
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Konferencja PetroCem w Sankt Petersburg

On 27 - 29 April 2014 our company attended in an international cement conference PetroCem ...

ADD: 2014-05-05
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"Paszport do eksportu"

Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrażania Innowacji „INWET” S.A. bierze udział w Działaniu 6.1 „Paszport do eksportu” w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka, lata 2007 – 2013 współfinansowanego przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego

ADD: 2009-09-10
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From 1989 , "INWET" offers for clients, solutions of problems concerning with transportation, storage and processing of bulk materials. The solutions offered by our company based on aeration and vibration technologies.

Our company offer dynamic aeration method based on using of air blasters (air cannons) systems. Appling this type of technology significantly reduces the occurrence sediments in tanks and silos walls. The advantages of using these air blasters are useful to maintain the tank volume and ensure production continuity. Air blasters have a wide use at preheater kilns, electrical filters as well as other types of industrial machinery.

In the case of storage in small tanks, as well as transportation, our company recommends to use industrial vibrators or systems of vibrators. We offer a wide products range of following European Companies: Findeva, Oli, Netter, Venanzetti, Tuxel. We offer industrial vibrators with air, electrical and hydraulic drives; with circular or linear oscillations. Vibrators have a wide use as drives for feeding, screening, compacting, mixing, dosing, tanks emptying, etc.

Our design department offer services of designing and construction of feeders and screens with electrical, electromagnetic or pneumatic drives in accordance with client requirements.

For the purposes of fluidization, homogenization and smooth run-off materials in silos, we offer aeration systems based on porous materials. These materials also can be applied for venting of tanks , as filters, etc.

Our air blaster and vibration systems perform in the "turnkey" – start from design through implementation up to startup support and service. For our solution we offer automatic control unit. This control units can operate aeration systems which contains few dozens of items. For all our equipment we supply spare parts and, if necessary, we offer service.

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